Irena Bauman invited to Tate Britain

Irena Bauman has been invited to chair a panel discussion exploring the issue of architecture and education in an event entitled ‘Buildings of Knowledge: Architecture for the Future of Learning’ at the Tate Britain on Wednesday 27th September. ‘The government is changing the landscape of education from children’s centres to new specialist academies. Along with reassessing policy, objectives and pedagogical methodologies, new buildings are at the top of the agenda. The debate is raging as to how buildings influence child development. What kind of impact do buildings have on intellect, creativity and innovation? At the end of the day, does design and architecture really matter?’ Architects Sarah Wigglesworth, David Adjaye and Thomas Mayne have been invited to join her on the panel to discuss the topic.

Tate Online

‘H HB B 2B-How to be a Happy Architect in the realm of disconnections’

Bauman Lyons are to publish a book of essays and projects in April 2007. The working title of the book is ‘H HB B 2B-How to be a Happy Architect in the realm of disconnections’: Architectural work is undertaken within a background of continuous rapid change which produces a system of disconnection. Architects have the capacity to think at variety of scales and resolve complex problems.We are capable of stitching the disconnections. Often we sell our abilities short. This book proposes that architects should become accountable when creating further disconnection. Our alternative role as ‘stitchers’ can make significant contribution to civic life and create a new wave of socially responsible architecture. We will explore the issues behind these ideas and illustrate them with project work. The book is being designed by Andy Edwards Design and published by Black Dog Publishing.    

Albion Square commission, Hull

Bauman Lyons have been commissioned by Hull City Build to prepare options for a major city centre site at Albion Square. Bauman Lyons are working with King Sturge and Gleeds.

Yorkshire Forward Renaissance Market Towns

Yorkshire Forward Renaissance Market Towns have commissioned a polemical study into the future of Market Towns. Irena Bauman is to lead this study and work with four other RMT panel members. 

Renaissance Market Towns Programme

BLA’s New Offices Start On Site

The construction of Bauman Lyons new offices has started this week. We are hoping to move into the heart of Chapeltown, Leeds by November this year.

‘Sound of the City’ Seminar

Irena Bauman will give a presentation at the ‘Sound of the City’ seminar organized by Ove Arup in Leeds on the 4th of May 2006. She will talk about the architectural, art, lighting and acoustic design proposed to turn Neville Street and Dark Neville Street from harsh and inhospitable to spaces that welcome pedestrians and provide a landmark gateway to the city.

Lincoln County Hospital

Bauman Lyons are pleased to have secured a design appointment for Lincoln County Hospital’s West Wing conversion. 

Holbeck Urban Village – What Kind of Place Event

Bauman Lyons will be presenting their proposals for the Dark Arches, Neville Street, disused Viaduct and Yorkshire Forward Pavilion on the 7th of April at the ‘What kind of place?’ event hosted by the Round Foundry Media Centre in Holbeck Urban Village. Other presentations at the event come form Allen Tod Architecture, Mouchel Parkman and CarlBro Group/Spawforth Associates.

Irena Bauman reappointed as CABE Commissioner

Irena Bauman has been appointed by DCMS for a further three years as a commissioner at CABE. Her current responsibilities include Deputy chair of Regions Committee and Enabling programme steering committee.