Defining Contemporary Professionalism: For Architects in Practice and Education

Alan Jones and Rob Hyde, Defining Contemporary Professionalism: For Architects in Practice and Education, Irena Bauman on Holding onto Ethics,  RIBA Publishing 2019 p 13-16


This book is a series of curated essays by high-profile architecture and design leaders and educators on the topic of professionalism. The book first sets out the current agenda – defining professionalism for the architecture sector – before moving on to focus on delivering the increased professional skills curriculum content within architecture schools as set by the RIBA. With an introduction and conclusion by the Editors, this book explores what contemporary professionalism within architecture is, and its future, encouraging the current and future profession to address professionalism across the industry. Contemporary views, thinking and insights on contemporary professionalism from a broad range of contributors Easily digestible contributions, each concluding with useful further reading High profile and knowledgeable contributors from around the world, including John Worthington, Walter Menteth, Sofie Pelsmakers, Indy Johar and Peggy Deamer and Irena Bauman.

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