MassBespoke™ digitally enabled construction system


MassBespoke is a digitally enabled construction system developed to address the demand for a fast, high-performance and commercially competitive integrated build system that can deliver cost certainty and bespoke design through a flexible, reliable, digital framework.


MassBespoke is a construction system for building superstructure, generated automatically and fabricated digitally to any required shape or size in a workshop near you


MassBespoke is a software driven physical product that integrates design, structure and fabrication into an automated system that can quickly process bespoke designs


Bauman Lyons Architects, worked in a cross-disciplinary team funded by Innovate UK, to lead on the initial proof of concept and full size prototype demonstration research for a flagship system for a new universal ecology of bespoke systematised building components that will arise from existing manufacturers’ capabilities and give potential to connect them directly with consumers (and vice versa) through the Internet browser and digital manufacturing. Automating the reiterative aspects of design vastly reduces time spent reinventing the wheel but moreover, guarantees certainty of cost and quality from the outset, removing the requirement for circuitous building procurement procedure that is wasteful and therefore expensive.


You can read more about the system here