Make City: A Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives Berlin, 11th-28th June 2015

During the international festival MAKE CITY in Berlin, Irena will be speaking on the theme: Self Made City: Mechanisms of Alternative Urban Development on 13th of June 14.30 – 19.30. For more information on the session and to download the full festival programme, see

SELF MADE CITY focuses on the architectural and urban qualities of self-initiated development and how these can be transferred as principles to new projects in the conditions of other cities. How can new processes in architectural production contribute to a sustainable urban development and which policy adjustments enable new typologies and hybrid programs? The festival will be taking an international look at the synergies between self-initiated development and urban planning policy.

The panel of speakers includes:

Prof. Irena Bauman, Bauman Lyons Architects, University of Sheffield, UK: On Retrofitting Neighbourhoods: Small Blueprints Big Transformation
Sam Brown, Researcher – NaCSBA Research & Development Programme, UK: On Collective Custom Build, Right to Build legislation the goals of the Urban Room policy
Tina Saaby, City Architect at Copenhagen Municipality: On Strategic Urbanism
Tuukka Linnas, architect, Kalasatama and Malmi Project, Helsinki City Planning Department, Finnland: Learning from Berlin – Creating Possibilities for Co-Housing in Kalasatama, Helsinki
Prof. Eric Firley, Univ. of Miami, USA: On small scale development
Dr. Klaus Boemer, Managing Director of Gewobag EB (Berlin): On how alternative models can work for large scale, mixed-use developments—example of the Eckwerk, Holzmarkt, Berlin
Florian Koehl, Architect and initiator of Berlin Baugruppen Projects: On parameters for the future of Baugruppen

Follwed by a Round Table Discussion: Development – Programme – Typology, looking to define transferable models