Bolsover District Regeneration Frameworks

We led a multidisciplinary team – ACCEND, BWA, GVA, Camlin Lonsdale and JMP consultants – to develop a 2035 Regeneration Framework for four towns and villages in the district: Clowne, Bolsover, Shirebrook and South Normanton.

Our methodology included mapping existing assets, review of market demand, a series of stakeholder interviews, major consultation workshops for the public sector and Spaceshaper events in each town that brought together stakeholders from all sectors including community groups.

The regeneration Framework included a number of cross-cutting themes for all towns: housing, connectivity and enterprise, and detailed strategies for each town and village with a list of identified projects with capital costs estimates, programme of delivery and phasing, and funding strategy.

Added Value

Working in a very successful collaborative team with the officers of Bolsover District Council, we established best practice process for genuine engagement and developed a framework for successful collaboration we call ‘two hands clapping’, between the public sector and the communities. The regeneration framework favoured delivery of a place making strategy building on the unique assets of each town and enhancing sustainable connectivity between them. Especially successful was the Spaceshaper process and the bringing together of three tiers of governance: the county, district and parish councils.


Bolsover District Council


Clowne, Bolsover, Shirebrook and South Normanton