Hull Minster

We were awarded the project through a national design competition. Holy Trinity is a Grade I Listed church – the largest parish church in the country. Its ability to sustain its future was seriously restricted by the extensive internal arrangement of pews. Holy Trinity Church was bestowed the status of Hull Minster in May 2017 in recognition of the strength of its role in the community facilitated by the re-ordering.

Our initial competition proposal identified the potential of re-conceptualising the Market Square to restore the original setting of the Church and to enhance planned cultural activities. We collaborated with ReForm Landscape Architects to deliver the concept.

This scheme looked at a comprehensive internal re-ordering to create a flexible internal Nave to allow not only for modern services but concerts and other cultural events. A new Nave floor incorporates underfloor heating to create a more comfortable space.

To accompany the internal re-ordering, additional toilets, kitchen and a flexible room will be provided in the next phase in a new extension to the south of the Nave. This new glazed Trinity Room, together with the completed new transparent narthex,  will allow activity within the church to spill out onto the square as well as encouraging the community to enter the Church.


  • We developed and helped to guide the project through a complex process of fundraising, lengthy negotiations with historic and conservation consultees and sensitive alignments with City of Culture 2017 timescales and programme.


Holy Trinity Development Ltd




£4.5 million


Grade I listed