Little Kelham Housing

Bauman Lyons were appointed to deliver a mix of homes for Leeds-based developer CITU at their Little Kelham site in Sheffield. 

The project – focused on super-low-energy airtight design, BIM-enabled technology and maximising benefits of offsite manufacture – was a vehicle for further exploring new methods of delivery and elimination of waste from design and construction processes.


  • The client and design team were aligned with the supply chain for increased early collaboration, reducing inefficiencies and double-handling in each subsequent work stage.
  • Bauman Lyons engaged key offsite subcontractors to coordinate complex spatial installations – such as MVHR and SIP timber frame superstructure – using whole-building BIM models. The result was increased design resolution before construction, shorter lead times, increased visibility of the design and better engagement by site operatives. 
  • Centralised BIM models were used to store and produce myriad drawing packages and data for designers, collaborators and tradespeople, and used to review & refine following construction phases on a (repeating) feedback loop.
  • Little Kelham is currently still under construction.