Built InCommon


Built InCommon uses new technology to build networks of small neighbourhood-owned factories. Facilitating local fabrication of homes, knowledge exchange, and the ability to share capacity.

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The Built InCommon concept has been developed by Bauman Lyons Architects with MassBespoke, with support from  Royal Commission 1851 Fellowship and Innovate UK. Many people contributed generously to the development of the ideas. Special thanks go to Miranda Plowden of South Yorkshire Housing Association, Ben McCall of Doncaster Central  Development Trust, Peter McGurn of Goodwin Development Trust, Trustees of CVCLT, Alastair Parvin of WikiHouse,  Melissa Mean of WeCanMake, Craig White of White Design and ModCell, Blok CNC, Doina Petrescu of R-Urban,  Kerry Harker of East Leeds Project, Professor Flora Samuel, Jonathan Gordon-Farleigh of STIR to Action for being the  pioneers of new ideas. Built InCommon identity/graphic design by Martin Baillie. Explainer video by Blake House.