Using Timber in Affordable Housing

We look forward to discussing disruptive approaches to centralised off site manufacture of timber construction with Wessex Community Assets and Assemble Studios.

Discussing how digital construction systems such as MassBespoke can enable local small scale fabrication of affordable homes.

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York Collaborative Futures – Bauman Lyons with Built InCommon and Massbespoke at the York Design Week

Join us for an evening of explorative talks inviting new and old ways of thinking. Talks by Irena Bauman from Bauman Lyons, Richard James MacCowan from Biomimicry UK and James Newton from Yorspace are coming to talk about how we could redesign our economic, building and planning systems to create a more democratic, circular and innovative model for housing, cities, and our futures.

York Design Week is a weeklong celebration of design and creativity taking place from 23rd-30th October 2019. With over 20 events in several different locations, there’s something for everyone: check out for more information.


York Design Week

Bauman Lyons are pleased to be participating in the co-owned neighbourhoods session at York Design Week. We will be taking part in these discussions with Matt Murphy of MassBespoke.

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RIBA Smart Practice Conference 2019: New Ways of Working

Great discussion last week on the potential for the construction industry to work in a collaborative environment enabled by emerging contracts such as Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) (from left to right: Irena Bauman, Katie Saunders, Kevin Thomas, Hannah Fox, Gareth McGill and and Russell Curtis.)

RIBA Smart Practice Conference 2019: New Ways of Working

Current and important issues for Future Architectural Practice will be discussed at the RIBA Smart Practice Conference on 1st October 2019.

Together with the full Client and Contractor team we are happy to present early thoughts on the process of the collaborative IPI contract which we are testing at the Museum of Making – a £17m HLF, ACE  and local authority funded cultural project in Derby.

Click on this link for the full conference programme.

Abbey Mills, Kirkstall, Leeds

We are discovering forgotten and magical areas of the Grade II Listed complex of Abbey Mills hoping to create a trailblazer project community led project. We look forward to working with Leeds City Council, Kirkstall Valley Development trust and the local communities.


Creswell Feasibility Study

We are pleased to be appointed with GVA and BWA by Bolsover District Council to carry out a feasibility study into re-purposing existing train station building and adjoining land in the village of Creswell.

We look forward to working with BDC again.

Knaresborough CLT

We are pleased to be appointed to work with Knaresborough CLT on their first project to build 3-4 flats in Knaresborough.

Very challenging site in a conservation area with trees, bus road, changes of levels- just as we like it!