The Good, The Bad and The Fantastic: 2017

There was so much good: we finished a cluster of listed buildings at Princess Building, Halifax for offices for Calderdale; we are completing work on a glorious Grade 1 Listed Hull Minster refurbishment; and we are finalising a complex options appraisal for EUREKA! Children’s Museum.

We also had some bad times. Our first (and we have made it our last) experience of working with an unscrupulous developer who exploits the supply chain – we lost fantastic people – Brexit, UK being dropped in the European Capital of Culture Contest in the 11th hour, losing some tenders which we should have got – these are some of the lows.

But we also had some fantastic times: we have worked with the Silk Mill Museum of Making in Derby to secure planning permission and all the funding. We will be delivering this £16M project through a new partnering contract in which ‘conflict’ and ‘risk avoidance’ are replaced by ‘co-production’ and ‘risk and opportunities’. We have taken steps to diversify the practice by forming a new company, MassBespoke, to develop and fabricate our own timber cassette construction system and we have built our second MassBespoke prototype with Innovate UK funding. We have secured a 2 year long fellowship from Royal Commission 1851 to develop models for neighbourhood based factories for affordable housing. But the most fantastic experience has been working with residential clients, the visionary motivated community land trusts, with the team at Derby Museum Trust, and with all of the long term collaborators who add so much value to our everyday work. And of course our own BLA team.

We thank you all and wish you only The Good and The Fantastic for 2018.

Seeking exemplars of projects using offsite technologies

Bauman Lyons are working with the Construction Leadership Council to develop ROADMAP FOR SMART construction.

We are looking for exemplar schemes that have used offsite construction and have data on speed, costs, productivity and performance that can be evaluated.

Please get in touch if you know of any.



Sowing the Seeds of Practice Research Conference

Bauman Lyons were delighted to speak at ‘Sowing the Seeds of Practice Research’, a symposium for architectural practitioners and researchers organised by the RIBA and the University of Nottingham on the 30th June 2017.

BLA Director Sam Wilson delivered the keynote closing address at the event, providing insight and practical advice on the benefits and challenges regarding entry into the field of practice-based research.  The University of Nottingham is currently developing a course which places students undertaking part-time research degrees into architectural practices. Find out more about the event by clicking on this link.seeding_research_P1lowres

Update: Trinity Square & Hull Minster

Check out the newly unveiled mirror pools designed by Mel Chantrey of the Fountain Workshop Ltd as part of the Trinity Square project which was designed in collaboration with Bauman Lyons as part of the reordering of Hull Minister.

These contemplative pools feature a 2mm thick film of water and are believed to be the first of their kind in the UK.

Read more about the project at Hull Daily Mail.


Princess Buildings nearly complete

After four years and seventeen project managers our beautiful refurbishment and conversion of five Listed Buildings into offices for Calderdale Council is almost complete – well done team, especially project architect Tom Vigar.


Roundtable session at Lisbon conference: Making the Collective City

Irena participated in the round table session last Thursday with Mariana Dias Simpson from Ibase, Brazil and Emily Berwyn from Meanwhile Space, UK.

She spoke on ASF UK participatory methods and how these resonate with Bauman Lyons Architects work in the UK. The session was chaired by Joana Pestana Lages frp, CIAUD, FA-ULisboa.

Catch up on the conference on this link and click here for the Making the Collective City Programme.