High Street Hebden Bridge Affordable Housing

Bauman Lyons were selected through a competitive tender process to work with the newly formed Calder Valley Community Land Trust (CVCLT), to assist with option appraisals for a proposed affordable housing scheme on a difficult sloping brownfield site owned by Calderdale Council.  

Until the 1960s the site was occupied by densely-packed traditional stone terraces – typical of West Yorkshire towns. Demolished and left to self-seed, the site now forms a green edge to the busy Burnley Road, at the entrance to the town from Todmorden.

For many years Hebden Bridge benefited from very active civic initiatives and community engagement. Currently, Hebden bridge suffers however from a dearth of affordable housing, especially for young people. The town also suffers from traffic congestion and high pollution levels. 


  • We worked in close collaboration with CVCLT to develop a brief for the affordable housing. It was agreed that a mix of apartments and townhouses would work well for the site. 
  • Many consultations were carried out with the community and immediate neighbours.
  • Significantly, the design was driven by a number of needs identified by the local community: to have a very light touch on the site in order to minimise disruption to flora and fauna, to keep the scheme affordable whilst aiming for very low energy use and low-carbon, to improve access in an area of steep topography, and to be of high design quality. We also limited overall density in recognition of local views on massing and light.
  • We utilised the existing access road to the site and proposed a podium approach to facilitate off-site construction options and minimise disruption & physical impact on the site.
  • The scheme is currently at RIBA Stage 3.


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Hebden Bridge


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