Postcolonial City – University of Leeds, School of Modern Languages and Cultures lecture series 2010-2011

Irena Bauman will be presenting the talk “A tale of two towns: postcolonial Dewsbury”, Wednesday 8 December, University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane.  Multiculturalism is often discussed in the context of  metropolitan cities but, arguably, its impact is felt more keenly in smaller towns. The talk will focus on the impact that immigration has made on the geography, economy and community relationships in a small market town in Yorkshire and explore some of the  strategies for re-stitching the disconnection in social and physical fabric. The talk is based on work undertaken by a multidisciplinary team led by Bauman Lyons Architects, commissioned by Kirklees Council and Yorkshire Forward to develop a regeneration plan for the centre of Dewsbury.


5pm in Parkinson Building Seminar Room 108, one floor above the Parkinson Court (see building No.60 on the Campus Map)