Talk at Riverside Primary School, Hebden Bridge

Tom Vigar, Associate at Bauman Lyons, gave a talk to 200 school children aged between 7-11 years old at Riverside Primary School in Hebden Bridge earlier this week about the nature of architecture, what architects do, and how they design spaces.

The school is currently in the process of transforming a storage room, with the help of the children’s ideas, in to a special space which encourages emotional and social skills where the children can go to think, create, listen, be calm, work together and relax. Essentially it is a space where the children can really look after themselves.

The talk was designed to inspire the children for their project along with offering tips, advice and explaining the skills needed to become an architect. The talk lasted around 30 minutes with a question and answer session at the end – with a lot of very eager questions to be answered!