Our Office

Blk-BuildingWe have built our office to fulfill many of our dreams: to be our own client, to have a tailor made work environment, to stop paying rent and to use our investment to assist with the regeneration of Chapeltown; a vibrant but troubled inner city area of Leeds. We are the first commercial office building in Chapeltown in the last 70 to 80 years.

The new office has also allowed us to start making adjustments in response to the challenges presented by climate change. We use less energy, compost and recycle our waste, walk and cycle to work more, as many of us have moved into the area and we have space to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers.

As we look out of the window from the first floor studio we can still see a car park full of cars. We have begun the uncomfortable process of changing our energy rich life-styles but still have a long way to go.