Bridlington Spa Environs & Promenade Bridlington

Bauman Lyons Architects and Estell Warren Landscape Architecture designed a public realm scheme as part of a long term strategy to improve and reinvent the seaside experience for the residents of and visitors to Bridlington. The proposals complement and provide a suitable setting for new and expanded cultural activities programmed for the Spa, a major events venue. The scheme also introduces fully inclusive access to the Bridlington Promenade which was one of the very first public projects undertaken by Bauman Lyons Architects in the 1990s when we received a career changing phone call from a client wishing to commission a feasibility study of the refurbishment of Bridlington South Foreshore. The invitation came on the back of the collaborative work we have done with artists on two small projects on which we paid for the artist fees ourselves because we felt that this would benefit the project and the client. The South Foreshore Promenade was a special opportunity to re-imagine public space in a unique coastal context, exploring ideas of shelter, comfort and convenience with the communal-ness, fun and theatre of a day at the seaside. The scheme provides contemporary beach chalets for families, communal bathing paddling pools, channels and showers and incidental spaces to relax and watch the world go by. Artist designed motifs and poetry were cast and etched into a palette of high quality robust materials including warmly coloured concretes and terrazzos helping to create a playful, generous and timeless civic space.